10 February 2017

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Chayada Wannasilp (Film)

Graduated from Bluefield  High School, Prince Edward Island , Canada

I was living in P.E.I, Canada for 3 years and I’ve so much from my experiences. I’ve seen places I have never thought of seeing and all seem to be, still, unbelievable chances that I certainly lucky to have. I graduated from Bluefield  High School. I could say it was a great time. You can do what you want and attend classes you’re interested in. You have a chance to express yourself too in the school clubs. I did a lot of things related to art as that is my passion. Friends, peers, and teachers were nice and helpful. They understand how my English wasn’t perfect and it was cute seeing them trying to understand what I just said. (Language wise, it will certainly improve, a lot..!) As I was the only Thai in the school, I was forced to be using English at all times. I lived with a host mother, who is a single-mom so we had enjoyable time together as it was not much to adapt. It is important, though, to be careful of your behavior and think of your host family A LOT. She was my priority, and she cared about me as well. I am the lucky one because I have never really had any big problem with the host. I wasn’t too hard finding friends as there were a few Chinese who was in my ‘Language Preparation Course’ with me so, one of the girl ended up being one of my closest friends I made over there. It’s really cool to get to know international friends! It was over all an unforgettable and valuable time. I loved every bit of it.